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What is Addon Domain? 4 Reasons Why Addon Domains Are Bad For SEO

If you're thinking about starting a new website, you might be wondering, "What is addon domain?" This is the name given to a subdomain, or a website that is separate from your main domain. An addon domain is a great way to manage multiple websites, even if they're not related. These are also known as parked domains, and they're not good for your SEO.

Adding an addon domain to a hosting account allows you to manage websites that are different from your main domain

Adding an addon domain to your hosting account allows you to manage websites that are separate from your main domain. This feature is usually enabled by default when you purchase a hosting account, but you may have to enable it manually. You can do this by filling in the necessary data in the Addon Domains section of cPanel.

To add an addon domain to your hosting account, you must first change its nameservers. The DNS changes will take up to 24 hours to propagate. During this time, your addon domain will be publicly accessible. To manage the domain, you can visit the cPanel and set up an e-mail account for it.

It's easier to manage than parked domains

Parking domains are a great way to grab extra traffic. These are basically domains registered for different sites that aren't being used right away. You can use them for marketing purposes or to reserve a domain for later use. In most cases, you should only add parked domains to your website when you want to capture extra traffic. If you don't intend to use them, you can resell them at a later date.

You may use a parked domain for a variety of reasons. Some people use it for development purposes. This lets them work locally on a staging environment, display a coming soon message, and sign up for email updates when the site goes live. Other people simply don't use the domain name anymore. Perhaps the hosting contract expired before they could use the domain name. In such cases, you can register the same domain with multiple TLDs, saving it for later.

It's bad for SEO

An addon domain is a subdirectory of the primary domain. Although they have different domain names, their contents are similar. Google treats them as duplicate content. Although there are methods to circumvent this, adding separate hosting for different domains is the best solution. Listed below are some of the advantages of adding an addon domain to your website. Listed below are four of them. Read on to discover why addon domains are bad for SEO.

First, adding an addon domain will not increase your SEO score. Subdirectories and subdomains will not benefit your rankings. The search engines consider subdomains and subdirectories as separate entities, and will not factor them into your main domain's PageRank rating. However, subdirectories do benefit from the authority that subdirectories have. This is because the keywords associated with them are attached to the main domain, which helps establish credibility.