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What is Email Client?

What is Email client? In the most basic terms, it is a software application that enables a user to view email messages. Email clients can also be referred to as mail user agents, message users agents, and email readers. They are designed to allow users to access their email messages and manage them. Using an email client is essential for keeping up with emails, since it can keep you informed about important news and announcements.


If you use Gmail, then you've probably heard of CloudMagic Email client. The app supports virtually every mail service and is now available on Mac. It first launched on Android and iOS in November 2013, and since then, it has gained more than three million users. The app has a 4.5 star rating in the Google Play and Apple App Store, and has also won several awards. You'll probably find the controls in CloudMagic intuitive.


NisusMail is an email client for Mac computers. It is compatible with POP3/SMTP email accounts and has a Finder-like interface. It also supports the Three-Click Send feature. You can compose email messages right inside the program, much like using a word processor. Moreover, the program can handle attachments as well. Unlike other email clients, NisusMail does not require you to install any additional software or update it every time you receive a new email.


Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client and personal information manager. It's available in a variety of forms, including downloadable desktop applications and online versions. You can even download Outlook for mobile devices. Outlook was developed over the years and is based on the Microsoft Exchange Server. Its features are largely similar to those of Outlook for desktop, including intuitive sorting of email and calendars. Outlook also offers an app for Windows phones and tablets, and you can use it on either of these platforms.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is an Email client that is built for the Mac. It is preconfigured to support a variety of email providers, including Gmail. Although Apple Mail was originally called MailViewer, it was renamed to Mail in the third developer release of Mac OS X. If you are using Apple Mail to manage your email, check out these tips for using it with Gmail. The following will help you get the most out of your email service.


Thunderbird is an Email client that runs in the OffiDocs online database. It supports multiple accounts, RSS/Atom reader, address book, advanced search and indexing capabilities, and message management, including tag-based organization, filtering, grouping, and spam filtering. Thunderbird is free to download and use.