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What is ISPmanager?

The ISPmanager is a web hosting management tool. It has several features that make it a great choice for managing your web hosting needs. If you want a more sophisticated web hosting solution, you should upgrade to ISPmanager 6. The new version will come with many additional tools. Some of the new tools include reseller management, Cloudlinux, and IP addresses. The upgrade will be available in several stages, and you'll need to plan your next move accordingly.

Server groups are a useful way to group your ISPmanager servers. When you create a group, each server in that group will be automatically selected. You can also add new server groups from the ISPmanager overview. Packages are a group of services with a specific pricing, welcome email, and module. Packages can be added to Order Forms and Package Groups. Once added, they can be displayed wherever services are listed, such as the order form.

ISPmanager is an all-in-one tool that manages a variety of features for website owners. It includes the ability to manage your website, email, and domains, and it supports numerous integrations. It also supports anti-viruses, database management, and Let's Encrypt, which makes it an ideal choice for security-conscious webmasters.

Another feature of ISPmanager is its File Manager. The File Manager is useful for working with files on your server, or uploading files from your local PC. It also allows you to edit and delete files and manage file permissions. You can also create new folders and delete old folders. This way, you can easily organize your files and modify them whenever you want.